Gujarati Society of Central Florida, Inc.

Dear Members and Friends,

We are half way through 2019, and we are looking forward for all the great things to come!  We are getting ready to celebrate India's Independence Day like we have never done before on August 17th, at Crane's Roost Park.  We will have different cultures and societies come together to enjoy the food, fun, dancing, parade and much, much more!  Right after that we will start our Navratri functions on September 28th.  The first day will be at Olympia High School followed by the rest of the days at Lyman High School.  Then get ready for our signature event of the year...Gujarati Society's Diwali Dinner at the Hyatt Grand Cypress on November 2nd.  This event is our highlight and gets better year after year!  We then conclude the year with one of our most anticipated events---Group Dance Competition on November 16th!  Over 700 kids get to showcase their talents as many cheer them on!  Also, don't miss our on our Health Awareness program on August 24th and September 15th.  Please look for more information in our emails.

Gujarati Society is open to everyone.  We encourage everyone to help and serve in any way that they can.  The term of our Executive Committee is coming to an end and we are looking for honest, sincere people who would like to serve on the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, etc).  The term is for two years and starts on January 1, 2020.  This is your Society and it's never too late to get involved.  If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please contact any one of our trustees.  


Gujarati Society of Central Florida


Vision: Keep Gujarat alive in the hearts and minds of our members and future generations by providing cultural programs, events and opportunities to bond.

Mission: Preserve, enhance, understand and appreciate our rich Gujarati culture by providing engaging interactive opportunities to our members.

Values: Preserve Gujarati Culture by celebrating festivals like Uttrayan, Holi, Navratri, and Diwali amongst others. Enhance the Gujarati experience by providing cultural programs involving the arts, music and sciences that typifies Gujarat. Provide an opportunity to collaborate, participate and grow bonds among our members using sports, cricket, and group events. Understand & enhance the culture by giving them the biggest stage to showcase their art and capabilities.

-Gujarati Society is a non profit organization (EIN # - 05-0620278).

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